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Puntos de venta: dónde encontrar mis ilustraciones sin costes de envío

Points of sale: where to find my illustrations without shipping costs

For a long time I wanted to explain a little better the points of sale and why I bet on selling products in physical stores apart from the online one ⬇️.

These types of stores are small businesses that select different craft, design and art products from various creators, so they have a dual function: they support small artists and artisans and contribute to a local and sustainable business model. I always thought it's a good bet as its intentions are honest and respectful to each creator.

On the other hand, let's not forget that, apart from not having the shipping costs, you can always see and touch the product there, so the experience is VERY different from buying online. So if you live in or around Barcelona , ​​these shops are ideal for meeting the different collaborating brands and artists in person.

Currently I am happy to say that in the city of Barcelona I collaborate with three small shops that I highly encourage you to visit, even if it is just in passing.


Concept store located in the heart of El Born (Carrer dels Carders, 16) led by Eve and Ada. They themselves are ceramic artisans and have their project called Weekend Designers that they combine with running the store. You will find a wide variety of illustrations, ceramics, jewelry, stationery, accessories and natural cosmetics. All the brands are from small national creators except for a small international corner. They are charming and await you with open arms!


    A well-known concept store in the Gràcia neighborhood (Carrer Diluvi, 10) that has been on the street for more than 9 years, led by Neus. Its space houses various brands of jewelry, accessories and bags, design items and a whole shelf full of assorted prints and illustrations (server among them). Everything is selected and exposed with great care, and if you visit them you will see how tempting it is. If you are looking for a gift or self-gift, Neus and his team will advise you wonderfully.


      A small concept store and flower shop in Poble Sec (Carrer de Vallhonrat, 16), with a cool space for workshops and coworking . Maikey will greet you in the shop surrounded by a myriad of indoor and outdoor plants, beautifully handcrafted terrariums and kokedamas, and a small selection of household items. I have collaborated with them to bring out a collection of exclusive prints illustrating various species of plants and leaves.

        The points of sale have turned out to be for me (and I'm sure I'm not the only one) a strong point of support, a small family of creators very well cared for thanks to the owners, who are always at the top of their game and attentive to a thousand details at a moment's notice. time. If you ever doubt what you're doing, it's quickly put out of your head. They never tire of advising you, empowering you and most importantly: brightening your day every time you visit ✨.

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