About me

Hi there! My name is Alba ✋🏻✨🖌️A perfect day for me would be spending the whole time painting while drinking fresh coffee or eating something delicious✨🙇🏼‍♀️💙 In 2016 I graduated in Design and then I did a Postgraduate Degree in Illustration and continued drawing until I got professional commissions. Thanks for visiting my page! I hope you like it.


Illustrator and graphic designer based in Badalona, Barcelona. Since COVID-19 lockdown decides to focus on her illustrations in a professional way and dedicates time to what she likes the most since childhood: drawing and painting stuff. She is currently working on illustrations and designs for both her own projects and freelance commissions. She also owns her online shop selling prints and handmade illustration goods. Sustainability is an important factor and so her prints and original illustrations are made using standard sizes to reduce the surplus paper. Everything in the shop is produced in small batches, taking care of every detail. 


Some clients I have worked with:

FC Barcelona, Pepsico, Miluna Rooms, Lindt, La Salle Universitat Ramon Llull, L'Illa Diagonal, Nescafé Shakissimo, Afterpartea, Doganics, Más Vainilla, Clínica Barraquer, Polaroo, Badalona Acull, Iaios, Obra Social Sant Joan de Déu, Estiare, Som Connexió, Brotalic, Jaboneria Alkúza and more.