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Stationery Master Pack

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For those who do not go to set at all is not an option. Prepare your agenda and take your daily organization to the next level. 

Perhaps with a pad of post-it at home it is already good for you. But then you realize that your weekly tasks are piling up and you need to liven it up a bit. This pack has everything you need to paste your notes, decorate your work corner and organize your week at the same time. There will be no day that will resist you!

The pack includes:

👉🏼1 planner unit

👉🏼1 unit love washi Cozy model

👉🏼1 unit love washi  the Bloom model

👉🏼1 unit of Kitchen Veggies model washi tape

👉🏼1 unit of bloom memo pad

👉🏼1 unit of Cozy notepad

👉🏼 Gift postcard A6