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Cozy Washi tape

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Washi tape with illustrations of elements that cannot be missing in your work or study sessions such aspaper and pencil, cups of coffee, or your favorite plant on the desk.

Each roll contains 10 meters of tape with the same pattern that sticks easily to most surfaces and does not damage them thanks to its soft adhesive on the back. 

Ribbon width: 1.5cm


What is washi tape? You will ask yourself...

Washi tapes are widely used in the Japanese arts of stationery and origami. It is definitely not a heat as such, but it has a very important decorative function and that is why it is very popular in the DIY community.

Washi comes from the union of 和 (wa) which means harmony, peace, Japanese style and 紙 (shi) which means paper. Beside tape, in Spanish adhesive tape, define a paper tape also called washi tape or in Spanish Japanese zeal.

In the store you will find the best known measure, which is 1.5cmx10m, but there are many different shapes and sizes. Hopefully in the future there may be more and more options around here!

It is a match if:

🌿 You do scrapbooking: decorate notebooks, notebooks, agendas, diaries, etc.

🌿 You are looking for a gift.

🌿 You stick notes or pictures on the wall.

🌿 Looking for something to decorate your space that is beautiful and economical.


 Colors in sample image may vary slightly from actual colors.